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Padakshep press releases

Padakshep will release periodic updates in the form of press releases for the general public.

Padakshep in the news

Padakshep has been in the news periodically. Here we will post the news published on Padakshep.

Padakshep Blog

Padakshep blog is a unique place to enrich yourself. Not only you can learn a lot from our blog, you can also contribute to it. If you like to share your thoughts and ideas, contact us. You can become an author. Padakshep is also exploring an exciting way to communicate with eminent people of our society. If you want to join this program, please let us know. Also, you can request us with your wish to talk to one of your idols!

Question Time at Padakshep

Question Time at Padakshep is a series of interactive sessions with eminent people. This is a unique opportunity for you to interact with people whom you always admired, revered and wanted to follow. Now it is possible to not just see them talking but also ask them questions you always wanted to ask. This event will see them LIVE talking face to face to you. It is indeed a great learning opportunity for people at Padakshep. Their snippets of wisdom are continuously reshaping Padakshep and providing us with ideas that can bring the change.

Be a messenger of Padakshep

If you are a fan of Padakshep and like our work, why not post a pamphlet or a poster in front of your office entrance at your workplace? If you are an advisor of Padakshep, we will be highly grateful if you please post a link of Padakshep website on your own website.