Note: The directors, the officers, and the volunteers at Padakshep do not receive any compensation for their services. Know the legal status of Padakshep here.

Annual tax returns

As a small tax-exempt non-profit with gross receipts, not more than $ 50,000, Padakshep is required to file Form 990-N for the annual tax returns. Click the button below for our IRS 990-N database. Our Employer Identification Number (EIN) is 26-4412556.

Annual Financial Reports

Please select a year from the drop-down list below and know about our financials in detail. Donation amounts from individual donors are not disclosed due to privacy issues.

Budget of individual Padakshep scholars

You can click on the button below to navigate to the individual dedicated websites for Padakshep scholars. You can find the expenditures on their websites.

Padakshep Library Financials

Here you will find the financials of our Library project which is included in our overall balance sheet as well.

Padakshep-Bigyan Financials

Here is our financials for Padakshep-Bigyan collaborative project for science education.

Latest Financial Report


Financial Trends