Padakshep is a 501 (c)(3) public charity in the United States supporting underprivileged students in West Bengal, India.

Padakshep Scholarship Program

Padakshep has been supporting underprivileged meritorious students in the state of West Bengal, India for over a decade now. Watch this video to get an overview of Padakshep scholarships and know more from the button below.


Are you a volunteer or member or simply an enthusiast? Learn more about Padakshep. Know its driving principles. If you are a random visitor, this is also for you.


Padakshep regularly updates its financial information on this website. Our treasury department works relentlessly to keep you updated on how we are spending your donations.


Donate to Padakshep to give back to your society. You can send checks or donate online. You can also have your own endowment fund at Padakshep.

Other Padakshep Efforts

Open Teaching Project

Open Teaching Project (OTP) is an initiative from Padakshep to explore the possibilities of collective learning. This website will contain lessons from physics, chemistry, mathematics or any other subjects which will help any student learn online. This will also benefit our underprivileged students who will receive these study materials for free.

Question Time at Padakshep

Question Time at Padakshep is a series of interactive sessions with eminent people of our society. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn and interact with them LIVE at Padakshep. You can also send your personal video message to our guest for the upcoming event.